Friday, December 22, 2006

chanukkah oh chanukkah


tonight is the last night of chanukkah. tonight is the night rogray and i will exchange presents. presents are, perhaps, my favorite things ever.

rogray's present to me is in the big blue bag and weighs maybe 50 pounds.

my present to him is in the teeny tiny red package that weighs maybe 2 ounces.

so far the guesses for what his present could be are an anchor, a giant rock, or a very heavy bowling ball.

anyone care to throw in a guess or two?

winner gets a virtual pat on the back sent to them via email.


dadgo said...

Wow--looks like Robgo got you that new spare tire for your car that always wanted!

parabasis said...

Shaygo... did you get Rogray gum?

Also... I'm guessting that he got you one of the following;

1) A bust of himself in granite

2) A bust of you in marble

3) Free weights

4) His soul

shaygo said...

koogs also guessed a sewing machine. . .