Saturday, December 16, 2006

oh christmas tree oh christmas tree. . .

rogray and i picked out our christmas tree! or chanukkah bush. . .

this is where we got it:

xmas tree store

every year some tree farm from vermont sets up shop in front of the park slope food co-op (of which we are members) so hippies and wanna-be hippies can buy their trees from people they assume are actual hippies living the dream of communing with the earth as opposed to "freelancing."

bucky sold us our tree:

bucky sells us on it

i just realized that if it cost $10 a foot and we spent $40 on our tree, and if bucky is actually the same height of the tree as he appears to be in the above photo then bucky is 4 feet tall.

here is a very naked tree in our apartment:

naked tree!

after our chrismukkah holiday ArtJam! party i will have pictures of the tree decorated and ornamented. . .and i will have pictures of the dreidels we made from a drug-store purchased make-your-own dreidel kit. . .i'm sure they will work perfectly and there won't be any problems with them. . .

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