Tuesday, December 12, 2006

let it snow, let it snow, let it snow: peoria edition

plane view3

You might be wondering where I have been the past fewdays. Or not. But I’ll tell you where I’ve beenanyway. . .in Peoria, ill.

Why there, you ask. Well my grandmother hasn’t been doing so great so I went out there to give momgo a hand and enjoy the 3 degrees weather, snow, icy streets and overall ass-biting cold. I was also there to give my grandma some tlc whether she wanted it or not.

I got there on Saturday, the day after the major ice and snow storm you may have heard about had hit. I have very good timing. When I got off the plane and left the airport I noticed that all the trees were encased in ice.

The weather was so bad that the schools were closed for three days and the main roads were not clear until Wednesday. The street my grandma’s house is still icy and snowy. Here are some pictures of the snow:

snowy street2snowy bushesdrivewayicecicles

All this weather did not prevent my mother and I trying to make the best of a not-great situation.

We went to go see Stranger than Fiction. We got to the movie theater really early so we decided to play this game:
name of the game

We both thought the name was appropriate what with momgo having many hot flashes.

Here we are ready for the big game.
game on!

And here is the final score.
the score

Notice how sad my mom looks? That’s because I kicked her ass!!! That’s right. Suck on that mom! I reign supreme at air hockey! I’m good at something. The tens, hundreds of thousands you spent on my illustrious education finally found it’s meaning in this one game of air hockey.

My grandma is currently in a nursing home about to move to assisted living (any questions you might have about geriatric care should be forwarded to me. I know a lot about octogenarian healthcare now. All I can say is plan, people, plan. And especially your parents.) but momgo and I stayed at my grandma’s house. I slept in the bedroom that had this hanging
above the bed:
self portrait1

Oh yes. . .A painting from a photograph of me, aged 3 or 4. it was a bit surreal to sleep underneath myself but with me being so cute it was an easy adjustment to make.

After 5 days away in all that weather with all that talk about geriatric care I was very happy to be home. Especially with such a crazy weekend in store for me...


dadgo said...

And the word on the street is that you proved to be an exceptional psycho-mediator! Beating momgo at airhockey is not what we expected from that very expensive education--but I guess we have to take our victories where we find them.

sweatpantsmom said...

The shot of your mom underneath the game score is priceless. She needs her own blog.

(Hope your grandma is doing better.)