Wednesday, December 20, 2006

deck the halls! (w/ wgc #14!)

our house

last saturday was our 2nd annual holiday ArtJam!: Brooklyn edition. what's an ArtJam!? i'm so glad you asked. . .it was created with jk in l.a. last year. you share arts and crafts supplies and just make things until you can't anymore. usually it would be just jk, rogray and me making collages and the like but the holiday version is open to all. we supply food, drink and supplies and in return people make ornaments for our tree. we then keep our favorite ornaments for the next year and hopefully in a few years we will have a tree full of ornaments that have all been made by our friends.

here are the top ones from last year:

the dude's 2005 ornamentrogray on a treepanda-monium

the first two are from the dude. the red one is his portrait of rogray. the last one is jk's panda ornament. for some reason my picture of the virgin mary and hassidic jew ornaments made from last year didn't get on the old flickr page. but you can imagine.

we threw some logs on the old "fireplace":
the fireplace

whipped up some latkes, pigs in a blanket, spinach artichoke dip and rogray's pine nut and gingerbread cookies: cookies!

and herbed potato chips: chips!.

both went over grand -- he'd never made cookies before and they were deelish. i think i'm forgetting how to cook.

here is a collection of photos of people making crafts. look at the joy on their faces. basically people came in and either made a beeline for the food table or one of the craft tables.

the first crafterswe love art

the chef brought cupcakes and various toppings for people to make edible crafts! here she is:
the chef and her cupcakes

people with their cupcake masterpieces:
bootiful cupcake and ladyyummycupcake lovefor rogray

here is mr. mo shoving an entire cupcake into his mouth:
mr mo #1mr mo #2mr mo #3mr mo #4

his wife was very proud.

here are people being silly:

lawyer gets fresh with rogray:
the lawyer gives rogray a kiss

this is as crazy as the hulk gets:
the hulk

the critic acts smarmy:
the critic acts smarmy

this is me at my tipsiest (read: drunk oblivious to the hangover that will inhabit every aspect of being the next day):
someone's tipsy

do i look like bugs bunny there? i feel like i do. . .

c-dog and i get serious and do a p.s.a:
don't do drugs
don't do drugs kids!

doesn't our hair look really good there?

enough of this. here are the ornaments!

here is the top of the tree. i call it "the father, son and the holy spirit."
the father, son and holy spirit

a fashionable crucifiction:
the crucifiction

koogs' ornament

the hulk's 3 wise men:
the 3 wise men

a gentlre reminder for the holiday season from mateo:
rules of the season

mr. f's hidden talent comes out:

a heart exploding with ArtJam! joy:
exploding heart

c-dog models her ornament:
caitlin becomes the tree.

ms. mo made a collage that will forever live on our refrigerator. look how amazing it is:
mo's collage
it doesn't even look like a collage! it looks like a picture out of a magazine.

rogray and i made dreidels out of clay!
i went classic on the right while rogray went stylishly artistic on the left.

in the end our craft table looked like this:
craft table!

and our tree looked like this!
our finished tree!

there are so many more ornaments that i didn't take pictures of yet. i think it's safe to say that the party was a success. the food was eaten we ended up having more liquor than what we started with (thanks guys. how'd you know all i wanted was wine and whiskey? you're geniuses.) rogray and i didn't even have that much clean-up. merry happy chrismukkah everyone!


Anonymous said...

Someone needs to work on her camera skills. The photos are a bit too dark to appreciate the obvious talent her friends have. And what is this constant talk about the evil drink?


dadgo said...

I am more curious about what appears to be a home made cigarette!

dadgo said...

Ignore first comment I made--apparently there were no homemade smokes in the pictures! What was I thinking?