Friday, December 15, 2006

WGC #13!

i was right. . .it was the grand return of the chicken. rogray made Mediterranean chicken with lemon and olives, a cumin scented rice, and curry cauliflower.

woe is me -- there are no pictures because i accidentally erased all the pictures on my camera. . .so sad.

it was another solid success even though some of the chicken had to go back in for another reheat just to make sure they were completely done.

the real meaningful moment was when rogray remembered that the chicken for this dish was prepared the same way the chicken in the arroz con pollo was prepared. it's all starting to connect!

next whatcha' got cookin'? cookies!!!!

1 comment:

jk said...

i wasn't that excited, but when you stick 4 exclamation marks at the end, i just can't argue w/ that.