Monday, December 04, 2006

WGC #12

steak night

that's right -- this is the steak and caesar salad edition of whatcha' got cookin'. i couldn't remember the last time i had red meat, a sure sign i should have some so i made a request for the steak. the caesar was rogray's idea -- but this isn't just any caesar. this is the real deal -- the dressing is made from scratch and involves coddling an egg and using actual anchovies. . .and you sautee the croutons (dark breads only people) in the oil that anchovies are packed in. not for the faint of heart. also this caesar has become nothing short of an obsession for dadgo. he has special utensils for the preparation and makes sure to have some family member act as sous chef so he can pass on the genius of his recipe. it was very nice for him to share it with rogray.

rogray had to make the dressing 3 times. the first time he read the direction "coddle an egg" and just stuck an egg still in it's shell in the microwave. the second time he knew to crack the egg into something to coddle it but then he added a tablespoon of mustard as opposed to a teaspoon. but by the third time he was in the know and he nailed it.

the steak was divine -- i didn't expect this but rogray bought real deal t-bones. he's perfect. he was attempting to make a red-wine sauce to go with it but the first time he burned it and the second time he made it right but it wasn't made in the pan the steaks were made in so it didn't have the same dimension it would have if he had been able to make it in that pan. but it didn't matter because the steak was so good, so well-prepared that i didn't want anything on it.

#12 was a tough one for rogray but he triumphed. . .i have no idea what lucky #13 will be but rogray hasn't had chicken in awhile -- i sense a return of the poultry parade soon. . .

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