Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The British Are Coming!!

so this past week has been bananas -- passover came and went, easter came and went, hazlet came all the way from london and then went back home, miss n's b-day came and went and now she's 29, and i did nothing to this blog. much to the chagrin of rogray and kugs and miss n.

here are picture of hazlet -- barefoot and 4 months pregnant in the kitchen cooking us dinner -- just the way she should be. . .


you can't see it but she is rocking a very cute baby bump and is very grateful that maternity fashion is so in so she can buy clothes that fit her without having to buy special shirts.

sauces.JPGcheesy cauliflower.JPG

she made a traditional english roast dinner that involved gravy, nutloaf, cheesy cauliflower, yorkshire pudding, and peas and carrots. . .and roasted potatoes -- the woman is damn genius:

yorkshire pudding.JPG
roast dinner.JPG

we all joined the clean plate club that night:

proud member c.p.c..JPG

and rogray ate nutloaf for lunch the next two days and couldn't stop talking about it.

as a thank you rogray bought hazlet an "i heart ny" onesie which made her happy:

for a nyc baby

but we did think it was funny that it was made in india:

made in india

hazlet was here for passover seder and kugs' origami party -- so here we go. . .

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