Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Jumpin' Jack Flash

i'm suuuuper bored and sleepy at work. . .there are things i'm sure i could do but they would be equally boring. . .

everyone on my floor is gone so i've put on pandora but that's just making me irritated for some reason.

as usual with these bouts of boredom i emailed rogray and asked him what i should do to cure me of this illness.

he wrote back "jumping jacks!!"

now, i can't do that at work because what if somebody walks by? then i'd be the freak temp doing jumping jacks. but that got me thinking -- what are other inappropriate things i could do wake me up and pass the time?

the first thing that came to mind was picking my nose. because let's be honest people -- picking your nose is insanely satisfying. especially when it's chock full of boogers because when you are done picking it your nose feels so free and clear. it's like an orgasm for your nose.

i'm going to assume that jk would shout out "masturbating!" and yes that is reeeeeeally inappropriate but definitely one way to pass the time.

going to the bathroom to poop, investigate if there's anything in your teeth and to just disappear for a bit is another method -- but not really inappropriate.

sleeping under your desk? only works if you have an office. also, is it really that inappropriate?

what else?

obvs calling all your friends who live in places like canada or engalnd. . .inappropriate but definitely fun.

looking at porn -- not just inappropriate but also stupid -- because you will definitely get caught for that one.

anyone have anything else to add?

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