Monday, April 16, 2007

Under the Sea

i don't know if you know this but there was a springtime nor'easter here -- meaning it rained a lot and places flooded and were evacuated. but did that stop rogray and i from joining his sister and the twins for an outing to coney island to go to the aquarium?

hell no!

it turns out that going to the aquarium on a day when nobody in their right mind would go is ideal -- the only other 4 people that were there (besides the employees) were people with small children who needed to run their kids ragged which meant p & g could run around like maniacs and nobody cared. this is pretty much how the whole day looked:

happy looking

no more talking. let's just look at the pictures:

old man fish
lots of fishies
a jellyfish family
walrus' are huge
sea lions are cute
sea horses in love
what a view
gracie sees the penguins
dinosaur 1
mushroom coral

and now for the jellyfish gallery:

the wall

jellysish 3
jellysish 2
jellysish 1

obviously we wrapped up the trip with some head-banging and general rocking out followed by naps. . .it was a good way to weather the weather. . .

headbanger's ball
gracie rocks

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Anonymous said...

Amazing photos. Momgo