Tuesday, April 10, 2007


kugs and i decided at the last minute to throw a seder (our seder table kicks the ass of the wikipedia photo)-- well, she hosted, i just showed up with some food and hungry people.

kugs and i realized that the last time we hosted a seder was when we first met on our semester abroad and feeling homesick. it seemed fitting that 9 years later we be hosting our first adult seder together.

she went all out. look at this table:

the seder table.JPG

she even got the dreaded and exalted manischewitz:

a setting.JPG

we all settled around the table with our 30 minute haggadahs (i said we did this at the last minute didn't i?) and got down to business:

sikhs at seder.JPGhazlet and rogray.JPG

we even had a make-shift seder plate:

an impromptu seder plate.JPG

kugs was an excellent leader
kugs in charge.JPG
and did a great job including the first-timers. and rogray was very proud that he answered her questions about elijah correctly.

and then. . .we ate.

a feast.JPG

hulk made brisket and kugs made potato kugel and tzimmes while i made a salad and roasted brussel sprouts. . .

for dessert--vanilla bean ice cream and almond-lemon macaroons:

the close-up.JPG

which i made for the first time and we're such a big hit i'm making them for hazlet's wedding! p.s. -- 2 cups of almonds is equal to 1 1/2 cups almond flour. . .fyi.

kugs and i were so happy with how it went we've decided this should be a yearly event. next year in jerusalem!!

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dadgo said...

EXCELLENT!!! Your seder fills my heart with joy.