Thursday, April 12, 2007

Happy Birthday to You: Miss N!!!

last weekend was miss n's 29th birthday. . .almost everyone in my social circle are hitting the big 2-9 this year and we are all having issues with it in some way. all of my friends who have passed us into the 30 and up bracket just laugh and laugh at us as they watch us cope with our fading youth and dying dreams. it's really a good time that i will always treasure.

that's not what this is about. this is about celebrating the fact that miss n is in our life and is not getting any younger.

i went to meet miss n and her totally awesome boyfriend, le rock star, for dinner. but first -- the diva wasn't quite done getting ready:

getting ready

so while she put her face on i looked at the 3(!!!) bouquets of flowers that le rock star got his lady. (rogray, are you taking notes?)

bouquet 1

take a close look at that last one. . .that vase is just as amazing in person as it is on film. . .le rock star had no choice -- he needed a 3rd vase and that was the only one he could find at the store. . .i hope they put every flower arrangement in it.

after i forced miss n to stop putting make-up on her face and that those boots did not make her look like a pirate we went to a yummy dinner at el rincon on 5th avenue.

new york is not known for it's mexican and i am happy to report that this is very tasty, inexpensive mexican -- don't get the burritos -- go for the chimichangas -- i'm serious. almost as serious as miss n eating this chip:

serious eats

after gorging ourselves we hoofed it to union hall where the main event was going to take place. . .le rock star scoped the crowd to see if there was anoyone's ass he could kick should a fight break out or maybe he was just looking at the bocce ball court. who knows what goes on in a man's mind?:

bocce ball?

he decided to whisper sweet nothings in his sweetie's ear:

sweet nothings

and then the party started:

kitty card
cute couple
and then i said
kugies and shanes
what's going on?
another threesome!

the following wins for best picture of the night. it's of the hulk pointing to rogray's ass-crack.

hulk and ass

keep looking at it.

it gets funnier.

all in all a good night was had by all. miss n turned 29 -- i drank too much and kugs, the hulk, rogray and i had doughnuts on the drive home.

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