Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Hard Times in New York Town

momgo, dadgo, proceed with caution. . .

you know how when sometimes you're walking down the street in good ole' NYC and you're debating about whether or not to get an overpriced latte because you want one but should you really spend the money on it and all of a sudden as you're crossing the street some dude on a bike swerves dangerously close to you making kissing sounds and leans into your chest and says "i wanna fuck you" -- you know about that?

and then you say "FUCK YOU ASSHOLE!!!!!" because you feel kinda gross.

and then douche mcgee says "yeah fat ass I'm gonna fuck you."

and in a way you're impressed because he not only managed to invade your personal space but to objectify you and attempt to make you feel bad about your body all at the same time in a matter of seconds and that takes some kind of talent.

but what you really want to do is whatever would make his bicycle and his balls look like the bike in the picture. instead of taking a stab at that you decide to go get that latte and then it's one of the worst lattes you've ever had despite how cute the bakery where you got it was and then you feel worse instead of better. . .you know those moments?

those are the moments that make me very angry at men and new york city.



dadgo said...

Start carrying a walking stick. Then when an idiot rides up like that again--just jam the stick into the spokes of the wheel. That will put him on his ass! And yuu take your stick and run like hell!

jk said...

great job on the picture grab.

shaygo said...

why thank you jk.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Dadgo. And caution? I thought the next post required more of that than this one!

Picking your nose...my goodness, child.

Love you,


Anonymous said...

Actually, I was wrong in my post yesterday. I was trying to make light of a terrifying situation, which I should not have done. Momgo

shaygo said...

I don't think you were wrong -- if we can't make light of an idiot saying idiotic things on a bike then what can me light of. . .

besides it wasn't terrifying as much as it was angering. . .if that's a word.