Tuesday, April 10, 2007

delicate origami creatures

let the kugs and hazlet marathon continue:

both ladies are getting hitched this summer. kugs july 1, hazlet july 13. kugs in red bank, nj overlooking the navesink river (bruce springsteen's fave river. . .weird) and hazlet in her neighborhood in london -- i'm going to both. it's a very busy summer for me.

anyway, kugs needed help folding origami boxes -- she had already folded 100 and couldn't bear the idea of folding another 120 so she bought us pizza and we helped her.

here's how it went down:

the paper:

the paper

the lesson:

flurries of craft

the artists:

hazlet at the helm

my best box:

my best one

was nothing in comparisons to hazlet's and i don't know why this picture is so upside down:

a box and paper

she was on fire. . .it made us all try harder. . .to be the best. . .

after a lot of this:

we had piles and piles of origami boxes:

pile 3pile 4pile 5pile 1

and kugs'apartment was crawling with 'em:

that's a lot of boxes

but we did it -- we made all 120 of them and a few extras and now she's done. and so was miss n:

folded out


dadgo said...

Does anyone read my comments? And just how many folks are coming to Kug's wedding?

shaygo said...

i always read your comments and i'm guessing around 220. . .

Kugs said...

I love your dad's comments.