Thursday, February 15, 2007

raindrops keep fallin' on my head

not really raindrops -- more like sleet pummeling my face.

this is one of those days that makes me think "i have got to get another skill set and get out of this lucrative temping!" and "maybe i will start to get paid oodles of dough for directing plays" and "why does nobody want to be my patron?"

i think i am a crappy temp -- and a crappy assistant at that -- i just don't really care enough to go above and beyond the call of duty -- and rarely do i understand why people freak out about the things they freak out about.

at what point as someone rises to the top of their company do they forget how to dial the phone or how to type or how to read or how to talk to others with respect? does that happen on the VP level? the executive VP level? the CEO level?


i'll post about the amazing valentine's day i had tomorrow (rogray successfully wrapping up the whatcha got cookin? challenge!!) -- until then i am going to try to not start crying and instead start looking for a sugar daddy on the internets.

1 comment:

jk said...

two words: law school.