Thursday, February 08, 2007

WGC? #22, #23, AND #24

oh my god!!! three for the price of one?? are you trying to kill us? make us extra hungry? or annoy the crap out of us with all these "rogray cooked this" posts?

i'm just trying to document the transformation people -- so here we go.

#22: asian chicken with mushrooms and green beans.

asian chicken

rogray had been struggling with cooking brown rice but he nailed it for this dish -- which was flavorful and wonderfully soy-saucey. he used shitake mushrooms which i now realize are the mushrooms i don't really like. am i alone on this? they're so slippery and squishy. . .me no likey.

but we're not here to discuss my issues with shitake mushrooms -- we're here to discuss rogray's cooking -- so let's move on.

#23: HOLY BALLS!!! is that eggs sort-of benedict?


why, yes. . .yes it is. i say sort-of because he used avocado instead of ham because that's the way i like it. . .even my plate is smiling in delighted shock at how yummy this looks:

happy benny!

and what is that i see in the hollandaise sauce? is that dill? you made a dill hollandaise to coat those perfectly poached oeufs??

oui oui -- he did! he was debating between 2 recipes for the sauce and decided to take the elements he liked from one and toss it into the other! my man's a genius.

rogray admitted this wasn't hard to do (the poaching and so on) but to know that i don't need to spend $12 for a plate of this makes me so giddy.

i was proud of rogray and he was proud of himself -- he was so excited by the success of this and now he has decided that brunch may be his favorite meal. i am looking forward to a long life of pancakes, french toast, and a plethora of egg dishes.

back off bitches -- he's mine.

and last (not least) #24: tilapia with cumin, tomatoes and bread crumbs with some yummy rice business and perfectly cooked asparagus.

tilapia with cumin seeds, tomato & bread crumbs

this was from the moosewood and it was quite tasty -- and rogray aced the asparagus -- cooked to that perfect tender-crisp place.

we're getting close to the end and i am getting really excited for what's next.

rogray is doing brunch on sunday and he said he wants to make more mario batali recipes -- i've created a monster. . .the perfect monster.

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