Tuesday, February 13, 2007

WGC? #26

pork tenderloin w/ plum sauce and salad w/ a dijon-shallot vin.

this was last night's dinner which we ate while watching the west wing because i can't stop myself. . .i'm beginning to wonder what i'm going to do when season 4 is over. np more sorkin episodes. i can't bring myself to watch it get crappy and i can't bring myself to watch studio 60 -- my life is a mess.


this was pork tenderloin in a plum, red wine sauce and a salad with dijon, shallot balsamic vinaigrette dressing.

at one point rogray asked me to come into the kitchen which was weird because usually he likes me to stay as far away from him and his kitchen while he's in it lest i distract him with my feminine wiles and unrelenting wit...i thought maybe he needed a quick smooch at the half-way mark but no -- he wanted me to taste the sauce -- which had somehow ended up on 3 walls, our ceiling and in the cat's fur...and what affirming, confidence boosting thing did i say to him in his hour of need?

"it kind of tastes like cough syrup."

i am horrible.

but! in the end! it did not taste like cough syrup! nay! it tasted like warm, velvety plummy goodness on top of the moist tenderloin (which rogray thought he had over cooked but had, in fact, cooked perfectly) and the vinaigrette was a nice little nip to complement the smoothness of the plum sauce.

wednesday i'll post #27 -- and thursday? you'll just have to wait and see. . .

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