Tuesday, February 13, 2007

WGC? #25

saturday night we went over to rogray's sister's and hung out with her and the twins and their friend. they ate some buttered noodles, turkey meatballs and corn while we ate:

fusilli with pesto and feta

fusilli with fresh pesto, tomatoes & feta.

sort of like a warm pasta salad -- it was really tasty and the pesto had that perfect balance of garlic-y bite and crisp basil flavor.

the part of the meal that was most exciting to me though is what happened when rogray was reminded that his brother-in-law was allergic to nuts so the pesto was a no-go.

1st rule of thumb about cooking for others: know their allergies! second rule of thumb: be able to improvise!

and so rogray improvised.

and he made an olive oil, garlic and caper sauce for the allergic!

amazing flexibility -- truly calm and collected chef-ing...rogray thinks on his feet and achieves smashing results!

the night ended with much eating of ice cream and full, happy bellies. . .

gracie luvs ice creammoah!

yummersso good

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