Thursday, February 08, 2007


as many of you know i am working my way through seasons 1-4 of the west wing: the sorkin years. it has become a mild addiction. and by mild i mean full blown "why do i have to wait for netflix to send me each individual dvd for jesus sakes" addiction.

rogray and i were watching the west wing the other day when i saw this:

west wing1

i was all "oh my god!! is that. . ."

and then i saw this:


and then i was all "IT IS!! OH MY GOD! IT IS!!"

now what is it? it's the first office building i worked at in l.a. and, like a complete lame-ass, i got unnecessarily excited about it.

here's josh and amy walking down the hallway of the lobby:



here they are exiting the building at night -- the way i would when i worked there -- same witty banter and everything:


and here is josh on the street -- 6th street to be exact:


and here he is walking away:

west wing street

so that's the end of the scene (they had a fight in it and during my little photo shoot we discovered that it is hilarious to watch josh and amy talk in slo-mo -- they sound high and drunk at the same time.)

we move on to the next episode and whadda ya' know? they're shooting a scene at the tully's that was on the corner next to that office building!!


that tully's closed down -- even though the west wing and some crappy john stamos show filmed there (i saw john satmos while they were shooting and yes, he has very thick hair).

here is a l.a. bus in the background:


i don't know why this was so exciting to me. but it was.

and to answer your question: yes, i am this big a loser.

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