Monday, February 05, 2007

Smells like Nirvana

warning: this may be too much information.

every night when i come home i immediately release noxious fumes out of the lower rear of my body. aka i fart everywhere and a lot.

every night i say the following to rogray: "god, i am so gassy tonight. i wonder why that is."

why do i say that?

because every night i am shocked, shocked, to find myself the generator of repeated and intense farts. shocked like a goldfish that repeatedly discovers that not only is there a small chest of booty in its aquarium but that the booty is fake and therefore not worth enough money to get herself out of the hell-hole that is her new home and back into the hell-hole that was her old home at petco.

rogray thinks that my farting ritual has something to do with this.

but if you ask me -- it's a head scratcher.

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