Thursday, February 01, 2007

children will listen. . .just not at 8 a.m.

i take the f train into manhattan every day -- i live far enough into brooklyn (read: when i tell people the neighborhood i live in i'm generally met with either blank stares, a look of pity, or "i think i know someone who lives there" kinds of comments -- whatever -- i love my neighborhood) that i can usually get a seat on the train.

2 stops into my commute the train has usually filled up and people start huffing and puffing and squeezing their way in and the doors need to open and close a few times and then we are off again. . .and usually the conducter says something like "stand clear of the doors please" in an understandably annoyed tone.

but today, ah today, the conducter was really annoyed that the doors had to open and shut repeatedly at each stop and this is what he said:

*Come on people! We go through this every day! Get your coats and bags out of the door, move to the center of the car and get out of the way of the doors!*

he's right -- we do go over this every day -- hilarious.

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jk said...

solid, non-food post.