Wednesday, January 31, 2007

i want my, i want my. . .

sometimes i find myself watching informercials in a bizarre zombie like state and occasionaly they either pique my interest (does that really work?) or depress me (someone's gonna pay 3 installments of $39.95 for that piece of crap) but always they convince me that people have way too much time on their hands and the power of the product creating the market.

here are a few of my *favorites*:

i would like to be able to make it's ready already alfredo

sometimes making pasta is so messy

i always wanted to vacuum seal every item of clothing i own

wouldn't you think he knows what he's talking about too?

i finally have a solution to one of my more embarrassing problems

aren't you ever too tired to do this pesky hygiene task yourself?

i'm going to request for this at my gym

this has got to be suuuuuuper comfortable

this is definitely the best use of yoga i've ever seen

up next: a journey into skymall. . .what might be one of my favorite publications of all time.


jk said...

if you put "img src="URL"" and replace the outside quotations w/ open and close carrots, then you can grab the images from the websites and put them in your blog posts. if you are using firefox, just right-click or control-click (for mac) on the photo and choose "copy image location" and paste it into your posting.

shaygo said...

i did not know that!