Tuesday, January 30, 2007

WGC #20

and he's back folks. wgc #19 was a rough spot but he picked himself up off the ground, wiped the dust off his ass, did some calisthenics, lifted some weights, showered and got back in the kitchen...with a vengeance. mario batali style.

pork with sweet garlic

this is pork with sweet garlic and fennel aka Arista con Aglio e Finocchio...bitches.

first off -- i'd like to compliment rogray for picking something other than chicken to prepare -- i thought he might go to his safety zone but no -- he chose pig. and he doesn't even really like pork -- but this time he did... and why this time? because this time the pork was juicy, moist, and flavorful. this time the pork was smothered in plump, sweet, soft cloves of garlic that easily spread over the loin filling my palette with a sweet bite of flavor. and this time there was thinly sliced sauteed fennel bulb and a dash of fennel seeds to add a slight sharp punch to the whole thing.

this, people, this was the way to kick off the final 10.

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jk said...

1. i feel like WGC has overtaken your blog.
2. please post recipes.