Friday, January 12, 2007

WGC? #15 (half-way there) & #16!

people. . .we are at the half-way point. and what a half-way point it is.

both of these are form the dreaded rachael ray (rogray has decided that she's not so great and since her meals certainly don't take a mere 30 minutes to make then it's probably not worth it but these were actually pretty good.)


israeli chicken

israeli chicken with a tomato salad and a zucchini-mint salad with pita.

holgray (rogray's sister) loves this dish and i have to say -- it's quite good -- i imagine if you throw some hummus onto that pita and make a sandwich with all that stuff and you have aslammin' sandwich.

the chicken was a bit on the spicy - i think rogray got worried that it would be bland so he kicked it up one too many notches. . .but still, it worked for me.

so this was the half-way mark. . .and due to the fact that the only thing rogray had with him at the store was the rachael ray cookbook, #16 comes out of there as well. but i think she's about to be put on serious hiatus. especially since my parents just got him this cookbook. . .i can't wait to kick it veggie for awhile.

without further ado, #16:

veggie stew

winter vegetable stew with potato-gruyere pancakes.

this was yummy too -- but i think it was yummy because rogray had a feeling it might be a bit bland according to the recipe so he threw in some extra veggies and spices and i have a feeling that kept it from being boring. . .and also, you just can't go wrong with a potato-gruyere pancake. i mean that's a no-brainer.

i am very excited to write about tonight's meal, dadgo's birthday dinner and WGC #17. not only is it impressive but it's going to be a sweet, sweet surprise.


ms. n said...

you know how i feel about your not bringing your camera to last monday's dinner, but the fact that you haven't mentioned it at all i find apalling. i mean who do i have to screw around here to get a write-up.

shaygo said...

i'm sorry. i am the worst friend. i beg your forgiveness.

miz n said...

you are forgiven. koogs made dee-lish soosh the other night and there was some awesome weird grapefruit and cream frozen thing in the freezer that alex had conjured up. missed you! we watched the ggs.

jk said...

you claim to hate rachel ray, yet use her parlance. she was on food network on jetblue on my flight back, but i was too embarrassed to watch (plus i'd already seen the episode in question of $40/day)