Monday, January 22, 2007

saturday night fever

saturday was a very good day. the chef invited us to her place in poughkeepsie for a scrumptious dinner made with her own 2 hands. she live in poughkeepsie because she's working at the culinary institute of america (her alma mater) and if you had to live in poughkeepsie wouldn't you invite your friends up for dinner?

so in the afternoon i got behind the wheel of our little 1991 mazda and rogray got in the passenger set with directions and the atlas:
my co-pilot

and then 3 lovely ladies (lil d, the artista and ms. mo) squished themselves into the back seat:

rearviewback seat 1back seat 2

and then we were off on our merry way to meet up with the reverend k at the chef's place.

for some reason we took the single worst way to the thruway -- it involved driving through a tunnel into manhattan, over various bridges, into a cave lit by gold and gaurded by fairy monkeys, being forced to go on a mythical journey to find an emerald chalice that would not only cure cancer but help you lose weight. all in bumper to bumper traffic. but we triumphed! and when we got to the chef's gorgeous apartment we were greeted with this table:

the table



the salads

stuffed chicken breast with potatoes and stuff, an orzo salad with feta, a spicy chickpea salad, a mixed green salad with pita, and i didn't even get a picture of the artichoke stuffed bread. unfortunately i don't have details of the food she served because i immediately started drinking wine and i promptly forgot what she said was in the food as she said it. what i do know is that everything we ate was outstanding and also, dates are really yummy.

this is what it looked like while we ate:

we eatwe servewe're sillythe boys the chef was a pastry student at the c.i.a. and now is the teacher's assistant at this cafe on campus. so dessert was from there:


due to the decorations i am assuming this had some vanilla, anise and cinnamon in it but again, all i remember is it tasting good. . .really really good. . .

clean platesfinal crumbs

the chef loves dessert.

things got silly quickly. . .and i think this moment probably had something to do with it:
hilarity begins

as did the discovery of these chopsticks which were a gift from the reverend k to the chef:
monkey sticks

extreme eatingextreme eating 2

i had to stop rogray when he tried to eat this:

don't make a mess

i just didn't think he's like that much fiber all at once.

but then the reverend k wanted to play:
vas ees das?

he's eating the cork!
don't eat that!

can he get it out?
go get it

we got it!

notice how in the back of the corkscrew picture ms. mo and the chef could care less that the reverend k has a cork stuck in his mouth? heartless.

rogray and reverend k weren't done. first, rogray lost his hand:
oh my god!!

but then he found it:

reverend k nursed his wounds by drinking some vino:
like a kitten to milk

while i just told them to settle down:
caught on film

meanwhile, ms. mo and lil d were so absorbed in conversation they missed rogray almost eating a roll of paper towels, reverend k eating a cork, and rogray punching reverend k out:
can i help you?

the focus turned briefly to the chef's adopted son, paolo:
emily's son

but then we did more of this:
more wine?

which led to this:
hugsdrunk hugsbesties4eva

and this:
high five?even more hugsblonde ambition

and finally this:
take that!

which ms. mo had this to say about:
smart mo

reverend k had to leave early to catch a train back to the big bad city so we bid farewell to his little ipod and big earphones:
small ipod, big earphones

and were very sad. but only for a little bit because rogray stunned us with one of his dork superpowers!! he can recite every single presidential election (he has to say the year and who ran) in under 2 minutes.

ms. mo timed while rogray got to it and we all looked on:

2 minuteshe's doing itis this amazing?or not amazing?can he do it?pressure mounts

he did it!!! at first i tried to pretend to be all embarrassed but then i got nervous he wouldn't ne able to do it and then he did it!!!! with 2 seconds to spare!!

he's a dork superhero!

after that high the only thing we could do was leave and head back to the city (thanks rogray for be the designated driver!).

i'll end on our group photos. it's the first time i used the 10 second timer on my camera.

really cool

we're cool

we took a much more sensible, albeit darker and windier, route back home.

this was an amazing night -- one of those times where you forget about everything and just enjoy being with people you love and who love you. i hadn't really been able to hang out with the reverend k or the artista since i've moved back and i'd never really hung out with lil d so it was nice to do both.

thanks chef -- you are a treat. . .

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