Wednesday, January 31, 2007

WGC #21

some people are "concerned" that this blog is too focused on rogray's whatcha' got cookin' challenge...and by some i mean jk and my momz. well don't worry -- it will all soon come to an end and then you will wake up one morning, come to this blog and be surprised at the sense of loss that fills you and as steam from your morning cup of coffee wafts around you, you will delicately ponder out loud "i wonder what rogray has been cooking lately?" and then you will see that it's true what joni mitchell says: you don't know what you've got 'til it's gone.

kugs couldn't hang out with us monday night so ms. n and i dressed rogray up in girls clothing so we could pretend it was our usual hang and he cooked us this:

spaghetti with beef and mushrooms in a cream sauce

spaghetti with beef and mushrooms in a cream sauce. solid, good weeknight meal although rogray might disagree because he was annoyed at how long it took him to chop up a pound of mushrooms.

in the interest of full disclosure: we did break one rule on this one in that we altered the recipe -- we used fat free half-and-half instead of heavy cream -- also we ran out of pepper so it was under-peppered -- but the cream substitution made no difference to me.

if we were to make it again i would use ground turkey meat instead of beef because it's not worth my 1-2 servings of red meat a month thing. (also in full disclosure: do you know how hard it is to only eat red meat 1-2 times a month? that shit is good!)

here is nicole excited to dig in:

dig in!

and now she takes a taste...with caution:

is this going to be tasty?

a moment of indecision: is this tasty or not?

this is good!

and finally -- this is so good you better not come near my bowl!

because rogray is one of those skinny people with a bottomless pit for a stomach he ended his meal with a snack of cashew butter and crackers -- which he went crazy for:

dee lish ish


crazy for cashew butter

this weekend rogray is going to attempt eggs benedict -- a dish i am not insane enough to try -- it is highly possible that i will be writing about how rogray has gone mad and is covered in egg chanting something about poaching. . .

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