Saturday, January 06, 2007

Should auld acquaintance be forgot

Happy belated New Year everyone. . .i'd like to say i haven't been posting because i've been so busy creating and keeping a plethora of resolutions but in reality i've been watching the first season of the west wing and sleeping. . .because i am a productive member of society.

i was a very lucky girl the weekend of new year's eve because le bff and her hubby, Mr. T, ditched their kids and came to visit!

we did a lot of things like go see stand-up and eat dim sum but the best pics were from our field trip to ps 1 in queens. we did a photo shoot on the roof.

here they are:

cute couple

and here we all are:

the 3 of us

that was actually the second picture i took of the three of us because the first one turned out like this:


which is now rogray's favorite picture of me. . .insta-poll: should that be my new blog photo? log your votes in the comments.

rogray and Mr. T got very close:

on the train

but not as close as me and le bff:

what's that

new year's eve rolled around and we got ready. our hostess for the evening was miss n and in our pre-party discussions she reminded me that the last time she saw le bff was in 1999 when she visited me in London and my "flatmates" and i had a party and le bff and i wore matching outfits head to toe. so le bff and i decided to do the same this time around as a little surprise. here we are getting ready:

mascara faces

ah yes, proof that every woman inexplicably opens her mouth while applying mascara. . .what the hell? please explain.

the boys decided to wear matching outfits too (and ended up doing a better job of it than us ladies) and here they are with miss n:


you'll notice miss n is holding a martini glass. what was in that glass - mayhem, that's what. i don't remember having more than 2 of the fruity martinis miss n was making but the next day i felt like i had been swimming in a pool full of pomegranate watermelon vodka liquid. . .so you can imagine things got silly quickly. miss mo arrived and the craziness began. a montage:

the couchword nerdnye kissesnew years!me and renelaydeeeez!party in the kitchendance party

crazy apparently means i make the same facial expression in every photo -- although in that last one you can make out the outline of me bending over -- which implies some serious booty dancing. . .things got so crazy that i even caught le bff and Mr. T making out in the hallway!


see what happens when you leave the kids at home?

for our final photo shoot we did a couples photo of the 4 of us in our matching outfits:

matching pair

as you can see le bff and i thought it would be a good idea to put the boys' hands on our chests -- because we think we're hilarious when we're being immature. . .but look at what happened next:

wife swap

which one of us took a little convincing that it was time for us to go? i think i should re-name that picture "one of these things is not like the others."

when we got home rogray serenaded le bff and Mr. T to sleep:


and then we all went to sleep -- and by sleep i mean passed out drooling onto our pillows. . .it was a very lovely way to ring in the new year. . .the next day le bff and Mr. T went home to georgia and their kids and rogray and i spent the day reminiscing over 2006. . .which mainly consisted of remembering that we have barely consumed alcohol in the past year and now we were paying for our weakend tolerance. . .

Happy 2007 people. . .good luck to you optimistic types who actually made resolutions. . .


dadgo said...

I don't think that picture makes it! And why do women open thier mouths? Wo0ops--I am in trouble now!

shaygo said...

dadgo -- what are you talking about?

jk said...

i thought i was shameles. shaygo, your parents read this blog! and see these photos.

also, great "dance face" by ms. n.