Friday, January 19, 2007

wgc #18

crab and raddichio linguini

rogray made linguine with crab meat and radicchio in a garlic, white wine sauce last night.

this was the first recipe where i felt like rogray made some mistakes. there was too much red pepper flakes in it as well as too much oil and he didn't let the white wine cook off enough -- and he under-shalloted -- the recipe called for 3 but he only used 2.

in his defense -- i think this is the most delicate thing he has attempted and this is the first time that rogray has messed up. . .so i would like him to make this again. because i think the mistakes are easily fixed and i like crab, radicchio and

but i don't know if i can convince rogray of that because a couple bites into it he sad "i don't know if i like crab." whaaaaat? who are you? how can you like lobster but not crab? that's crazy. especially crab in pasta with oil, garlic and shallots.

he's a crazy man.

tonight #19!

i'm trying to convince him that he should do the last 5 back to back but he's not convinced -- maybe if you guys start pestering him he'll relent!!


jk said...

you are a slave driver.

shaygo said...

i know. . .