Friday, January 26, 2007

monday, monday

when rogray and i made our triumphant return home to nyc and he started on his whatcha got cookin' project kugs and ms. n would come be guinea pigs and taste testers with me. and somehow these nights kept falling on a monday. so now kugs, ms. n and i try to have dinner every monday together -- and i've taken to calling it supper club. sometimes ms. n's boyfriend is there and sometimes rogray is there and if the hulk can make it he eats with us too -- but the real intention is for kugs, ms. n and i to hang out and eat food together.

this past monday ms. n and i went to kugs' for some pear, pecan, gorgonzola salad with steak on top. . .ooo la la. . .

this is kugs working her chopping, slicing, dicing magic:

kugs in the kitchen

this is me "helping" her:


i wish i was still wearing ms. n's hat because it is veryveryvery cold here today.

here is ms. n pleasantly surprised we are having steak:
what's this?

but now she is so so sooooo veeeeeeery hot:
is it hot in here?

thank goodness she could cool off with this glass of sparkling water:
oh hello

since kugs is getting hitched this july she has a bunch of stuff to do -- like making origami boxes for chocolate treats at the party. so we decided to help her. since she is a teacher she was very clear in her instructions:

this is the hard part

this is how they were supposed to look:


while kugs and i folded our hearts out ms. n made us brazilian french toast (it's brazilian because it has rum in it!)
breakfast for dessert!

so we ate dessert and folded paper:
i'm just folding some paper

notice how she is thinking "i'm kugs. i'm cute. and my folding is perfect."

and that's monday night supper club. don't you wish you had a supper club of your own?

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ms. n said...

koogs is unbelievably cute.