Thursday, January 11, 2007

tomorrow, tomorrow, i love ya', tomorrow

random post alert:

tomorrow i will post not one but 2 (!) whatcha' got cookin's. . .rogray has been busy.

dadgo and momgo get into town today and tomorrow is dadgo's birthday!

Happy Birthday DadGo!!!

anyway, when we asked dadgo what he wanted for b-day dinner he said that he wanted rogray to cook for him. . .so he is. . .and it's going to be a surprise. a special surprise -- we did a test run of the special surprise while le bff and Mr. T were here and it went over quite well so we hope it makes dadgo happy.

this weekend is going to be a busy one (jk is coming, jk is coming!! yipeee!!) so that's 3 very important people in town so i probably won't be able to blog about it until after mlk day.

oh, and expect to see a lot of invisi-text on my blog thanks to new blog-friend (that's right i made a blog friend. what's up now bitches?) craigers. if you would like to see the name of his blog highlight this: Puntabulous. isn't that a neat trick? i'm sure the more sophisticated HTML-ers out there already know the trick but i didn't and i think it's cool.

more tomorrow. until then, figure out an alternative plan to putting more troops in iraq and stuff. . .

and just because i can, here are some pictures of rogray's niece and nephew having fun with uncle rogray and a blanket:


and gracie checks out uncle rogray's picture for pedro:

the end.

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