Thursday, January 25, 2007

grandma mary

my grandmother passed away on tuesday morning. she had been sick for a few months and had been stuck alternating between a nursing home and the hospital. she was asleep when it happened and the actual moment of death was quick and painless. it was a death that was a relief in a way -- in the end she wasn't the person we knew her to be and she wasn't living life they way she would have wanted. it was her time.

i am sad. and i am sad for my mom and my uncle who now have no parents.

my grandmother and i had a tenuous relationship from time to time. once i think i busted her for smoking in our house and told on her to my parents -- i was in 3rd grade or something -- what do you want from me?

she loved crosswords puzzles -- so do i. she thought i was stubborn -- but so was she. she thought i was too opinionated and sassy -- but guess what? so was she. it may be our similarities that had us butting heads.

she hated dogs and cats. she didn't like 99% of the food out there -- give her some meat and buttered noodles and she'd be good to go. no matter where she went she carried a portable bar with her so she could make some special drink i can never remember the name of (the only cocktail she drank her entire life) without having to depend on a bartender or understocked house. she loved golf. the only tv worth watching was the golf channel and c-span. she played bridge every week until she got sick. she loved her hand-held poker game. she would talk to anyone who would listen. she went to the same grocery store for years because the people there knew her even if it was more expensive than the other store. she loved collecting elephants (it didn't hurt that she was a republican). i can only remember seeing her cry twice and both times were towards the end of her life.

she was tough as nails. . .she came from a generation where expressing your love was simply not done -- but she loved all of us: her son, her daughter, her husband, me and even my dad -- although she would have a hard time fessing up to that last one -- i know it's true.

she will be missed.


dadgo said...

You are so insigthful and understanding! She will be missed--but happily I can tell you that she would fess up to loving even me!

Anonymous said...

Dear daughter -- your memorial demonstrates your powers of observation and so accurately captures the woman who was my mother and your grandmother. I wonder what you would or will say about me?!? Remember the time she met rogray, and they spent an hour talking about C-Span?

Your loving momgo