Monday, January 22, 2007

Oh, Say Can You Seeeeeeeeeee

i don't know about you people but i never really watched the west wing when it was on, and certainly never saw an episode after monsieur sorkin left. . .even i knew that would be a waste. i liked sports night and i liked the american president (although not as much as dadgo does. he cries at the end of that movie.)

i didn't even get excited when they cast alan alda as an evil republican and i love me some alan alda.

i have spent many years snickering at rogray and his friends as they quote long sections of the show (sorkin years only) and discuss plot details and intricacies. i have rolled my eyes at my friends who talk about how sexy bradley whitford is or how intense the donna/josh chemistry was. when people would talk about how martin sheen's josiah "jed" bartlet is the ideal president i would quietly laugh--what a silly thing to say.

but now. . .now is a different story. the day of new year's eve, le bff and i spent some time watching the first few episodes of season 1 (rogray has it on dvd) and i got into it so as i nursed my new year's day hangover i watched more of season 1. thanks to rogray's friend, the politician, we have been able to watch seasons 2 and 3 and when the politician's girlfriend finishes season 4 i will be able to watch the last of the sorkin years of the west wing. and i will stop there. because rogray has told me about some stupid things that happen after sorkin leaves.

like c.j. would ever, ever have slept with hoynes if sorkin had continued with the show? and of course donna and josh had to get together in the end because they always do that on shows but still -- i bet you sorkin wouldn't have done it and if he had it would have been cool.

because the west wing's first few season's when sorkin was probably writing them huddle under his desk while high on mushrooms and crack are brilliant. i'm not saying drugs are cool -- they're not -- seriously kids don't do drugs. unless of course, in doing drugs you become some insane genius and can produce work like the west wing. in which case, you should not only do drugs, but the studio should make sure you have a phone line dedicated to contacting your dealer for all the shrooms, marijuana, cocaine and whatever else floats your boat. and then the studio should pay for all those drugs. and then pay for your rehab so you can do the press circuit and go accept all of your awards without people thinking that you just got there via a taxi from skid row.

because you know what? all that drug addiction made for a really good show with really good characters. if jed bartlett was running for president i'd vote for him -- and i don't about all the fawning over bradley whitford (he seems to do the same thing in everything i've ever seen him in but it works in sorkin-land) but i am newly obsessed with these two. . .seriously. don't mess with c.j. she'll cut you.

so, in conclusion, i am sorry to those of you whom i may have offended by belittling your west wing love. i was wrong to do it. i hope you can forgive me. jed bartlett would.

p.s. i have watched a few episodes of studio 60 and i will never feel for it what i do for the wing. . .just sayin'.

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