Tuesday, January 30, 2007

love, love, love

this isn't my actual winter coat. this is the white, butt-length version of what i have which is a chocolate brown, 3/4 length coat filled with down magic.

you see, i am in love with my coat.

first off it's guaranteed to keep you warm in temperatures down to -30F!! -30!!!

second off -- it's brown and i look good in brown.

third off -- i like the hood because it not only keeps my head warm but when it's on i feel like an arctic eskimo princess (never mind that when it's on i lose all peripheral vision and wouldn't be able to tell that someone is walking up behind me to stab me but this is a minor problem -- unless i do get stabbed in which case it's a major problem.)

also, my coat is big enough to be used as a blanket when taking naps -- which i have done. twice. once in my car when rogray and i had to wait to get his sister at the airport and i was tired and once at work when i reeeeeeeeally needed a 20 minute power-nap to make it to 6pm.

no, i wasn't under my desk -- i was in an unused office that has a couch in it.

also this coat has one pocket on the inside for my cellphone and zippered pocket on the inside for my ipod or the insane amounts of cash i carry around the city with me.

just kidding about that last part.

or am i?

the point is that l.l. bean makes a damn fine winter coat. it wasn't overpriced -- it keeps me warm and keeps me cute while keeping me warm.

i love you l.l. bean down insulated ultra-warm chocolate brown 3/4 length coat!

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