Tuesday, January 30, 2007

saturday night

saturday night the critic and his g-fry, lady love, had rogray and i over for dinner. doo-blay date!!!

we came in and saw this on the stove:

coq au wha?

and we were all "um, critic? what's for dinner?" and he tried to convince us that it was this:


here they are asking "don't you like old cooking grease and fat?"

profile bottoms up!

then they said "just kidding! we're having coq au vin! and homemade bread with sage! and carrots and parsnips in thyme butter sauce!"

bittman bread the butler way coq au yeah!

but before we could eat we had to spend some quality time with their dog, ramona. let's take a look at how cute she is, shall we?

ramona up close
go tail go!

go tail go!! tail wagging is the fastest thing ramona does. and i'm not kidding. i dog-sat for her and walking her takes 45 minutes -- not because she's a poop machine but because that's how long it takes her to go one block!

this is what happens when she gets fresh:

ramona gets personal

dog face in my crotch. . .which led to rogray reminding me that i shouldn't be so loose and that some people would call that cheating.

hey you

we got serious and ate:

this is serious lady love the critic

then we got silly.


after that we got serious again. why, you ask? because the critic and lady love's cat mashuganah almost destroyed our desserts!!!


i had to distract her with a photo shoot.

the extreme close-up:

kitty close up

the kitty head shot:

kitty head shot

i set up the dessert plate:

dessert tray!

while the critic frothed some milk:


and made us some hot cafe au lait action:


i'm sure i could make some horribly sexual joke about how the milk frother got "excited" and spilled over and look at the "head" on that coffee mug but i won't do it.

after eating every thing on the dessert plate we moved to the fireplace:

burn baby burn

and ended the night in dork town. while you other "cool" people were out at bars trying to get laid or off at some swank art opening or play we were surfing the web for information about the movie version of the golden compass. because that is how we muthafuckin' roll!

we're geeks

notice how happy lady love is. look at the intensity on the critic's face. look at how bored rogray is. why is he bored? because he's heartless and doesn't care about philip pullman's his dark materials series and won't read them. i'm sorry for him because his life is colder and lonelier without these books.

(the website for the movie is here. it looks awesome. i'll be going to a midnight showing.)

rogray and i left happy, full, and a little tipsy. the critic is a great cook, nay, chef and lady love is an excellent hostess.

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