Monday, May 21, 2007

Bein' Green

one of my favorite presents from rogray ever (besides a head of garlic) is this:

l&g wedding 055

i love things with frogs and turtles on them because they are cute and green. thanks to rogray, our bathroom is well on the way to becoming frog central since that frog face now complements our frog bathmat.

what is that frog face you ask?

why, it's a toothbrush holder! genius!

and why am i posting about this? because in all the months of owning this little sucker my toothbrush finally matches my frog!

l&g wedding 056

much more exciting things have been going on in my life than this and i will be posting the many pictures i've been taking the past few weeks shortly. . .but, for now, look how cute that frog is eating my toothbrush!

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