Thursday, May 03, 2007

One Love

yoooouuuuuuuuuuuuuu guysssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!

jamaica is amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing!!!!

i'm going to have to do this over a few posts because i took almost 400 photos -- all of which i'm posting here. . .ok, i'm not going to post all of them but i'll do a few days at a time so i can annoy you with my fabulous carribean vacation and make you jealous.

day 1. our flight info:

jamaica 001

rogray being sleepy at the gate:

jamaica 002

why was he so sleepy? partly because we had to wake up really early but also because, due to my being an idiot/space cadet we woke up 30 minutes before we needed to -- at 4am! he was not happy.

after an uneventful flight and arrival experience we wait at the airport for momgo, dadgo, sisgo and her crew including monkey1 and monkey2, my nephews aged 5 & 3. here they are:

jamaica 006

we load up in the van and realize that it's hot and humid in the carribean. sisgo especially:

jamaica 007

monkey 1 was excited to rock his cool shades while we were officially welcomed to the island:

jamaica 008

jamaica 009

we get to the resort and quickly decide that our first priority should be lunch:

jamaica 012

after that i decide my first priority is to start my week of bacchanalian ingestion of frozen rum drinks:

jamaica 018

while i began to relax:

jamaica 022

the monkeys decided running around was their priority (that's monkey1 in the red):

jamaica 017

we had to wait a long time before we were taken over to our villa and brogo and his better half showed up so we napped in the lobby (because we are a classy bunch of folks) and by the time we got over to our home away from home and unpacked dinner was ready. just the way the go family likes it. here's momgo and monkey1 waiting for the food to arrive:

jamaica 026

and sisgo and monkey2:

jamaica 028

monkey1 is obsessed with all things mac n' cheese and ketchup so he devised a way to get both at the same time. he puts pieces of macaroni on his fork, one piece per tine and then dunks it in the ketchup. ingenious!!

jamaica 029

this trip was to celebrate momgo hittin' 60 and my parents sticking with each other for 30 years -- the latter being why we somehow started talking about my mom in a french maid uniform. this is my opinion of that conversation:

jamaica 030

after the gross discussion of my parents possibly touching each other other than the 1 time they needed to make me we all decided to call it a day.

after a light carribean rain the next morning we headed to the beach:

jamaica 037

and that, my friends, is pretty much how the rest of the trip looked. monkey1 & monkey2 in varying states of nakedness in the sand or the water. . .being a kid is awesome!

sisgo watched from afar:

jamaica 038

while rogray read this book:

jamaica 040

what a dork!

i chose to start my morning at the beach like this:

jamaica 042

that's brogo in the background -- he's probably talking about some rare medical condition he cured because he's a rocket scientist/doctor.

after lunch rogray and i hopped in the golf cart and toodled on over to the spa for some pedicure action. this is what you see as you drive around:

jamaica 045

we were so relaxed after our spa treatment we decided to reward ourselves with another round of drinks:

jamaica 049jamaica 050

and a photoshoot:

jamaica 053

we were so invigorated after our drinks we decided to play chess which is funny because i don't know how to play chess at all:

jamaica 055

but i won!!!!!

ok, i didn't win. i got slaughtered. but it was really fun, and the prettiest chess location you could hope for and rogray said i had "good chess instincts." so who knows -- maybe that guy kasparov should watch his back. that's his name right? is he still alive? whatever -- i'm taking his ass down.

once rogray finished stealing all my pieces and murdering my king we went back to our digs for dinner (every meal was insanely good -- we had our own chef people -- and she was the real deal), boggle and sleep.

coming up -- more pictures of water, drinks and our little monkeys.

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dadgo said...

It was tuff coming home and having to fix our own meals and launder our clothes! And where was Delton when we needed something from the store? Reality is so challanging!