Friday, May 11, 2007

pomp & circumstance

ms. mo graduated from the new school's mfa writing program!!! woo-hoo! before, when she was writing, it was just for pretends because she didn't have a degree in it but now that she does she's a writer for reals!

unlike the last reading of hers we attended there was no poem about exploring some girl's vagina and how the clitoris was an undiscovered oasis of heartbreak -- all i can say is: ladies, if you are dating someone who ever, EVER, refers to a clitoris in this way, even under the guise of art, leave him immediately. not only will the sex be bad but he will blame your clitoris for the break-up and not recognize the relationship is over because he's an idiot.

mr. mo and ms. mo's dad share a moment of bonding:

jk 001

ms. mo's mom and ms. p await the beginning of the reading anxiously:

jk 002

this is the face of a professional writer:

jk 003

there she goes:

jk 004

congratulations all around:

jk 005

jk 006

jk 008

mr. mo, what did you think of it?

jk 009
"it was the best reading ever and you are ruining it by taking photographs."

ok, rogray what did you think?

jk 007
"i think ms. mo is a genius in our time and also? i liked the free food.

mr. mo was so proud of his lady that he wanted to crush her in his glee but he restrained himself.

congratulations ms. mo. . .i can't wait for you to dedicate your first published work to me. . .ok, maybe not the first one. . .definitely the 10th one.

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