Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Only In My Dreams. . .

sleep and i have a very tumultuous relationship: i want it, sometimes it doesn't want to give it me. sometimes i can't fall asleep because too many thoughts are running through my head like "should i shower tomorrow", or "i should recycle more", or "perhaps this pain in my stomach is cancer and not simply constipation. . ."


sometimes i can't sleep because my dreams are too active. other times because i ate one too many thin mints for dessert. i have been known to sing in my sleep and the other day, when i was sick with a sinus infection from hell, i woke up by startling myself out of sleep and promptly slapping myself in the face. i don't even know how or why that happened but it did and it was disturbing.

almost as disturbing as what i dreamt about last night. which was, i can't believe i'm admitting this, surfing the internet. and more specifically, "the blogosphere."

i hate myself.

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