Friday, May 04, 2007

Even The Sand Is Made Of Seashells

This is how Thursday began:

jamaica 093

look how happy monkey2 is:

jamaica 094

it's because he has a new best friend. . .UNCLE CURLY!!!!! that's what monkeys call rogray and monkey2 was obsessed with his uncle curly. . .

oh hello momgo and gg:

jamaica 095

oh hello drinks!

jamaica 105
jamaica 104
jamaica 107

oh hello common sea fan:

jamaica 109

what have we here?

jamaica 112

a monkey in the sand!!

jamaica 113

thursday night after a heated game of rummy (you are such a cheater grandma!) rogray and i decided to take a nighttime golf cart drive to the beach where we told each other jokes:

jamaica 127

when he asked me if i thought we should go get a frozen rum concoction i looked at him like this:

jamaica 130

(my schnozz looks ginormous in that picture!)

so we went to the bar.

jamaica 131

how amazing is rogray's shirt? we took silly pictures using different camera settings. these are the good ones:

jamaica 138
jamaica 141

after we polished off our pina colada magic we drove home and took one spooky photo of palm trees:

jamaica 155

oh look! it's friday at the beach:

jamaica 165
jamaica 164
jamaica 166
jamaica 167
jamaica 160
jamaica 159

did i say that i love jamaica? well, i do.

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