Friday, May 04, 2007

I wanna love you, every day and every night

jamaica 058

this was a very positive start to tuesday in jamaica -- with a drink called the 007 sitting on the beach. i adopted a very "every day is like sunday brunch" mentality meaning that it was obviously perfectly fine to begin drinking at 10am and that anyone who passed judgment on that was clearly scared of having fun.

after lunch rogray was getting antsy:

jamaica 059

can you blame him? we were going to go hang with the dolphins! who wants to sit on a couch when you could be looking in a dolphin's blowhole? here they are. their names were something like mr. golly-gee-willikers and jose. but not those names:

jamaica 060

they wouldn't let us take our own photos which was fine because i was too busy being amazed that when dolphins sleep they sleep half a brain at a time so they can do other stuff while they're sleeping like float and swim and wave goodbye to tourists who like to part with their money. if one of their eyes is closed then you know they are only half awake and don't care about you.

these are pictures of the monkey1's best friends (i swear if this kid isn't some kind of biologist or vet it'll shock the hell out of me) blackhead and pee-pee. i believe monkey1 named them. . .

jamaica 062
jamaica 064

monkey1 was obsessed with these two -- every time we drove by we would stop and he would climb out and commune with nature -- which often involves him peeing on a bush (god we are classy) -- maybe that's why he named the duckling pee-pee -- but he never peed on the animals -- he loves them too much.

tuesday night rogray and i went out for a fancy dinner date. . .we left the camera at home -- but i will tell you that he ordered a fish and meat skewer that was brought out to him upright and then doused in flaming rum -- very dramatic and very tasty.

wednesday was practically a no-picture day. my 93 year-old grandma arrived for some fun in the sun. rogray, sisgo, momgo and i got massages -- everyone but momgo got one of those hot lava stone massages -- it left me so relaxed that my voice was 3 octaves deeper than it has ever been -- i either sounded like lauren bacall or a man. i'm not sure which.

wednesday is also the day that i gave everyone the t-shirts i made as a surprise -- i didn't take any pictures of them but i know there are some and when we get them i'll post them. they're hilarious.

the day ended with bath time for the monkeys. there was much fun to be had what with the menagerie of animals they have:

jamaica 069
jamaica 071
jamaica 077
jamaica 080
jamaica 085
jamaica 088

after bath time comes bedtime so that's where we went. . .


jk said...

all this A.M. drinking and no ganja stories? why the stigma? if there isn't a story about burning one down with momgo and dadgo, i'm boycotting this blog.

Anonymous said...

Momgo here...our burning down days are long past, but do not deprive yourself of this hilarious blog because momgo and dadgo are old.

jk said...

look, i haven't burned one down since 4/20, and i haven't had my own stash to even speak of in years (unless you count my trip to amsterdam), but YOU JUST CAN'T GO TO JAMAICA AND NOT HAVE A PUFF OF THE SACRED WEED.

even if the grandkids are in the other room.