Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Hava Nagilah

so kugs is getting married this july!! MAZEL TOV!! This weekend is her bridal shower -- but it's not just any bridal shower. . .there won't be any toilet paper dresses or embarrassing moments of revealing in front of her mother that aunt shirley's gift is a red lacy thong with what appears to be some kind of whip. no, we will be exhchanging art.

well, it depends on what your definition of art is. kugs has asked that 30 of the nearest and dearest women in her life make a chuppah square for her and then they will all be sent to someone who will quilt them together so the end result is a very personal and sentimental piece. nice right?

except that my visual art ability stops dead at stick figures and an occasional square. despite this, miss n and i got together for a mini art-jam to get our squares ready for this saturday.

miss n was a great art-jam hostess. she had print out of images to inspire us and assembled all of the supplies we might ever need:

chuppah 004
chuppah 001
we tested using the markers on the fabric to get used to it:

chuppah 002

and then,nervously, got to work:

chuppah 006

i don't want to say too much more because kugs may decided to read the blog (doubtful) and i want her to be surprised. mine is sweet -- a nice idea that's poorly executed but miss n's is amazing -- it helps that she's an artist but whatever.

i won't say what she did exactly but i will say that it may have involved this guy:

chuppah 005

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