Tuesday, May 08, 2007

No woman, no cry. . .

our last few days were bliss -- us ladies got facials. brogo got to go diving, rogray and i went snorkeling for the first time (it was amazing and now i'm desperate to do it again) and the monkeys got to be naked some more.

beverly was the woman who cooked for us while we were there. she meant business. this is her preparing the snapper for our dinner:

jamaica 179
jamaica 181
jamaica 182

all those white specks? scales from the fish that she swept off after cleaning the thing. she's the real deal.

rogray went on a drive around the property to take pictures of flowers:

jamaica 199jamaica 200jamaica 201jamaica 202jamaica 205jamaica 206jamaica 210jamaica 212jamaica 215jamaica 218

if that's not enough postcard pleasure:

jamaica 207

jamaica 219

jamaica 196

in the afternoon we went back to the beach but had to stop for our last pina colada:

jamaica 232

while our drinks were being made rogray and his new bff, monkey2 hung out:

jamaica 229

when we got back to the beach with drinks monkey1 was frolicking in the ocean, monkey 2 frolicked in the sand, the adult boys talked about something while the ladies just sat -- except for sisgo who became so obsessed with hunting for tiny, perfect shells that she neglected the whole family for her newfound obsession. there she is:

jamaica 237

as the sun set on our final night in jamaica

jamaica 256

we gathered around the pool before dinner. my father said something important, i'm sure:

jamaica 245

my grandmother tried to convince us she wasn't cheating at scrabble (unlikely):

jamaica 243

and the monkeys did a photo-shoot:

jamaica 257jamaica 258jamaica 259jamaica 272jamaica 271

dinner arrived, a feast for kings and queens:

jamaica 278

the champagne was opened:

jamaica 279

glasses were raised and laughter was had by all.

the next day we were able to take one last visit to the beach before packing and getting on all of our flights back to all of our homes.

and as we left jamaica:

jamaica 296

very relaxed:

jamaica 295

and the sun set as we neared home:

jamaica 301

the best end to the vacation came to me:

jamaica 302

i kicked rogray's ass in scrabble.

i love jamaica!

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